Yayoi Kusama – A Magical Encounter with Infinity

A dear friend of mine, showed me a traveling picture inside what appeared to be a magical room, which I later discovered to be the fabulous work of Yayoi Kusama ‘Soul Under The Moon 2002’

Yayoi Kusama has suffered from depersonalization syndrome from childhood. Symptoms cause an individual to feel ‘like an alien visiting Earth for the first time’.  Some call it the ‘Alice in Wonderland Disease’ for the patient ceases to perceieve the reality of one’s environment, one’s life or one’s self! – (Sounds like me everyday!)

Although I have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing Yayoi’s unworldly tardis-like chamber.   The visitor is greeted by a magical encounter with infinity upon entry. Yayoi’s room is mirrored on all sides with a shallow pool of water on the floor to reflect the changing constellations of LED hanging lights.

Here are some examples of her other work.

Infinity Room

The Gleaming Lights Of Souls

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