Voice Of An Angel – Holly Walker

About 5 years ago in the hight of the myspace boom…(when everyone had their own profile tracks, this was my favourite way of sourcing out new music).  The track that captured me and has made a permanent residence in my favourite tracks of all time was a track called ‘Motorbikes’ by a university band called ‘Sly Mr Fox’.  I purchased their EPs for £1.99  and still have them on my Ipod.  Holly Walker’s witty lyrical ability to tell stories with such sweet tone and natural flow is what made the band stand out from the crowd.  Unfortunately I never got to see them play live and for years have been waiting for new material from the front lady of the band – Holly!

Today I stubbled upon my cob-wedded myspace, to find an invite for a solo gig by the lady herself.  It’s so exciting to hear that she is flying solo with her talent.  You can hear some of her new material on youtube ,Myspace and even download some free tracks by liking the facebook fan page!!!


She will be performing live at THE RHYTHM FACTORY 26th May so may finally get to hear her play live after all these years…yay!!!

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