Secret Garden Party

‘Imagine a world where your reality becomes beyond imagination. If you can imagine that then you may have an insight to where this journey all began.’ Steffie July 2011

After driving two hours and walking for about 45mins, we wrangled our way to east camping to pitch the tent.. At first i was skeptical about the whole exprience but after dislodging my mind set out of the ‘adult’ form and releasing my inner child it became by far the best place I have ever stepped foot in! The amount of installations could occupy one for days on end, before even glancing at the diversity of line ups!  One Installation that captured my attention and kicked off the adventure was a free standing door that we all stood behind before running through it and literally imagined entering into wonderland!

Now that I am back it almost feels like the whole thing was a dream, everything about the garden blew my mind!

Here are some highlights:

Rolling down hills (the freedom of letting go and not knowing when you are going to stop)

Launching onto haystacks

Watching the most beautiful firework display that reduced almost every spectator to tears

Entering a pitch black sauna that happened to be full of nudists!

Hugging strangers

Intimate performances by Jamie Woon & Holly Walker

Raving hard to Doctor P

Spinning round in circles to Tinashe

Trying my first laughing gas balloon

Spending time with the most amazing people

Lucid Dreaming workshop with Charlie Morley

Getting a photo in a photo booth and it leading to a secret club

My little tiger cub pal 🙂
Hot Tub? Why not.

The rest will remain a secret

There are soo much more but I will let you discover the rest of the secrets

No need to go to Rio!

Take me back! I could live here and since engaging this topic in numerous conversations have yet to find someone who didn’t have the best time.

Secret Garden I’m counting down the days until 2012 and hope to DJ at the best festival in the world!  Thank you for the best weekend of my life and changing my world!

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