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MERRY CHRISTMAS & Wishing You Every Success in 2012

Thank you to everyone who came down to the launch & Xmas party of The Cocktail Club at Bar Vinyl and a Special thank you to DJ Rossta & DJ Lukey for providing the music.  Huge thank you to AMH for brilliant prizes on the night and a massive thank you to Mozzatron for the […]

RIP – Steve Jobs – The Man Who Changed The World Of Technology

 Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011  Thank you for inspiring us!

The World Has Lost Its Way

Poem – I Wrote about the London 2012 Riots The world has lost its way. My mind is tough built solid like an iron give me a beat, ill tear it up like a lion if bob was here he’d march us straight out to zion disturbance in the peace, government bite on. I’m 23 […]

Holly Walker – Modern Life

Had to post this one.  Full of irony and is so true to society today.  Big Ups to Holly for smashing up the Secret Garden Party and even making someone cry (still under investigation as to whether they were on a comedown or just touched by the voice of an angel) we like to think it […]

Lovebox2 2011

DJ Steffie Lovebox 2011


Secret Garden Party

‘Imagine a world where your reality becomes beyond imagination. If you can imagine that then you may have an insight to where this journey all began.’ Steffie July 2011 After driving two hours and walking for about 45mins, we wrangled our way to east camping to pitch the tent.. At first i was skeptical about […]

A New World Is Born – Welcome To Citizen Funk

People of the world – today a new form of inspiration has been born – Welcome to Citizen Funk Get Involved! The site speaks for itself check it out!  The incredible Launch Party Will be held – Monday and the fabulous Shoreditch House with Nick Bridges & Norman Jay as guests on the decks as well […]

The world is a beautiful place… A Jump To Remember

Ok I will give you one more of my secrets tonight as you have caught me in a great mood, probably because tomorrow is my favourite blog ‘WEARESME’ Blog Party Part 2 and now listening to some new badass exclusive tunes that cannot wait to be dropped on big speakers tomorrow. This is some F****** […]

Happy Valentines Day – Dedicated to my <3s

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Welcome to My World

Hi Guys…I have decided to kill off the myspace etc and start a blog so you can get an insight into my world should you wish to 😉 Also so I can personally remember what I’m am getting up to and as well have somewhere to post gigs/tunes etc without clogging up the old facebook!  I will […]