Tribelife Immersive

Tribelife Immersive Warehouse Party


Pushing the realms of conventional nightlife, an immersive narrative brought to you by a team of innovative creatives descends upon Tottenham




Tribelife, a mind-blowing immersive warehouse experience held in the brand new arts-hub Unit 58 in Tottenham has revealed its plans for April 26. Join TIMANTI, Aluku Rebels, Samantha Loveridge, Kampala, Electric Shamba and Wild Sirenda for an all night wonderland of music, performance art and high vibrations multi-sensory experience, feeding the soul through radical participation, connection and discovery. Tickets are extremely limited and on sale now from

Tribelife is Curated around the Premiere of Timanti’s music video for ‘When You Wake Up’ on Aluku Records, supported by Black Coffee, Mixmag and Pete Tong. Immersive theatre performances will tie in with the music video and piece together an extended narrative. A real-time exhibition all in attendance are an inextricable participant of as the night unfolds. This will be the first Music video directed by PDK founder Mikey Boats . PDK will be part of the performance crew starring Ezzy.

Installations and projection mapping will transport participants into other worldly dimensions and inspire a metamorphic transformation into the person they were born to be
Plus a very special & exclusive photographic exhibition by Marius Dobre.

Curated with an open heart, experimental ear and ambitious vision, a musical playground that will inspire, excite and enrich with its kaleidoscope of experiences.

Tribelife is filled with unique and mesmerising characters and exciting curve balls. A safe space for all, LGBTQ friendly and non-exclusive we open our arms to all the colours of love in total unity for humankind.

Advance Tickets Only.
Tickets Available Here

When You Wake Up

TIMANTI Signs to Aluku Records – When You Wake Up

When You Wake Up

Aluku Records

Written whilst waking from a state of slumber, drifting in and out of consciousness between unseen realms and higher states of being, this track drifts listeners to other dimensions. It’s dream like melodies and punchy drums not only transcend the dance-floor but raise the energy into moments of euphoria.

Aluku Records presents talented electronic Dj/Producer hailing from London(UK) TIMANTI with this special Afro Tech dreamy journey track ‘When You Wake Up’.

Aluku Rebels

Kamil Ahmedbeyli

Traxsource Release 8th Feb 2019
Worldwide Release: 26th Feb 2019

Aluku Records presents talented Dj/Producer from London(UK) Timanti with this smashing Afro Tech single “When You Wake Up” coming very soon and is on Traxsource pre order NOW.

Link below ⬇️:…/…/when-you-wake-up-original-mix

Early support by :
Black Coffee , Osunlade, Manoo, Hanna Hais , Vinny Da Vinci, Djeff ,Da Capo , Hyenah , Enoo Napa ,Wild Sirenda ,Djuma Soundsystem , Sobek , Jacko B , Souldynamic and more

‘So excited to be part of this incredible label & about this release! I made it a few summers ago whilst living in Ibiza at a very special place Sonic Vista Studios 💛 it was the first time I used my Ableton push 2 🙌 & will be released on my 31st birthday 26th Feb – big love to everyone for the super early support so far’ 😍 – Timanti

Timanti - Hyponik

Hyponik 347 – TIMANTI

London based artist Steffie TIMANTI has been a bubbling figure on the underground dance scene for a minute now.

A familiar face at Ibiza’s Cafe Del Mar and DC10, TIMANTI is also a regular at festivals like The Secret Garden Party, Gottwood, Lovebox and Bestival, and can always be found residing somewhere within London’s club circuit.

Fluid and liberated from genre limitation, her sets often traverse across ambient, trial and ethnic rhythms. Making her production debut in 2014 with a four-track EP on Niwax, TIMANTI now runs the Tribelife collective, an experimental collaborative community project that nurtures various art projects and providing a supportive network for young pioneering creatives from all corners of the globe.

Welcoming her to our mix series, TIMANTI steps up with a fiery blend of techno, house and twitchy bass explorations, drawing heat from the productions of Midland, Brame & Hamo, Waal and her of course her own palette.

Read Original post here

Chad T Browne Photography

Beyond Sahara Teaser 2018 from Fixers on Vimeo.

Tribelife x Beyond Sahara

The next stop for TribeLife is in one of the most unique landscapes on Earth – The Sahara Desert!

Join the tribe for an adventure unlike any other, dancing under a blanket of stars to planetary rhythms – Our party will be on the Saturday night featuring Hutch & TIMANTI on the decks + much more!
2nd-5th March 2018 Beyond Sahara 2018

We have a special code for the Tribe – get in touch with us for code activation

To book here


DLTM : TIMANTI On Her Year Of Progress + Mix

DLTM logo

Steffie Timanti embodies the notion of independence, stepping away from the music industry and its norms to create her own small, but perfectly formed movement of her own. Her music is deep, tribal in places and emotive, inspired by artists like Damian Lazarus and his ilk, incorporating a myriad sounds from around the globe to nurture a sound that inspires and uplifts in equal measure. It’s been a year of growth and experimentation for Timanti, so we thought she’d be a great subject for our 2017 Issue – below you’ll find an exclusive mix and a brief chat about 2017…

Read Full Interview Here

2017 has been another crazy year on planet Earth, what have been some of your own personal highlights?

A lot has happened this year! It’s really hard to pick one highlight as I’ve been blessed with some amazing projects! I took a risk and decided that the music industry was too oversaturated. That led to me launching my own project to take my musical career down a completely different angle in a whole other industry, focusing on community, adventure, experience, wellness and mind expansion in the form of ‘Tribelife’ & ‘TIMANTI and The Tribe’. This in turn has opened me up to several out of this world opportunities including collaborations with other likeminded tribes, including a festival called Colors of Love, in Italy, with my sisters Wild Sirenda and Beyond Archipelago; which was a self-guided festival experience held on a bunch of uninhabited islands in Sweden.  I’m now a part of the Beyond Adventures team, curating the next adventure festival experience in March 2018 – Beyond Sahara – where I will be celebrating 30 years on planet Earth.

My radio shows have been a lot of fun this year too! Huge thanks to all the guests that have joined me on Pyro Radio and all the listeners, too! I was also recently invited to join the Radar Radio family too, so now I have two monthly shows, giving me the privilege to share even more exciting music from around the globe and beyond!

Which news stories (positive or negative) have really impacted on your life this year?

There seems to be a constant stream of negative news, which has really in effect made me even more grateful to wake up each morning. If you’re reading this you are a fortunate person, you are alive.  I try to remember this every time I am presented with sorrow.

Have you discovered any new countries, town or cities? If so, tell us about where you went please.

Earlier this year I journeyed deep into the jungles of Mexico after I spent some time at BPM Festival. Whilst I was there and managed to persuade one of my best mates, Freddie Fiers (she’s also a DJ/Producer – check her out), to fly over from San Francisco and come on this fantasy quest with me to discover Las Pozas, a surrealist castle in the beautiful Magic Town of Xilitla. The whole experience felt like a dream! We saw elves, a clown, climbed staircases to nowhere and more. I have the imagination of a child and find places like this most inspiring. It’s now my favourite place in the whole world; in fact the opening track of the mix is called ‘Xilitla’ which I made after my trip there!

Did you start the year with any clear goals? If so, what were they and have you managed to achieve them?

I try to keep my goals as flexible as possible to allow room for adjustments and flow. This way I’m free to adapt with the ever-changing landscape of the path I’ve chosen. I have been very lucky through doing this, it has honestly led to the opening of doors that I hadn’t even imaged could be possible.

TIMANTI in action
TIMANTI in action

What have you learned this year: a) About yourself? B) About the world/life in general?

I’m really sensitive and used to see this as a bad thing, however I’m now learning to embrace it and channel it into my creativity. This enables me to connect on a deeper emotion level with people through everything I do, especially through my art, music and events! It also means I’m quite tuned into energies so need to spend quite a lot of time recharging and taking care of myself. Love, health and happiness are the most important things in life, if you find beauty in the simplest things, keep focusing on the present the rest will follow!

Would you call 2017 a good or a bad year, and why?

I’ve learnt a huge amount this year! It has had it’s fall backs but I’ve chosen to use all these moments as time for growth and adaptation. Especially on a personal level having been reminded multiple times of my own morality and how precious life really is. I’ve really honed in on the fact that health and happiness are the key to a fulfilled life. I’ve spent more time with my loved ones and been blessed with some amazing opportunities which I’m very excited about. Truly, I am grateful. ‘When we turn our faces to the sun the shadows fall behind you.‘ (Slightly adapted Maori proverb).

Now that 2017 is almost over, what are your plans up until the end of the year?

I have a lot of new projects coming up which I’m really looking forward to sharing with DLTM first!

I’ll be throwing my last dance of 2017 at my favourite London venue, Grow in Hackney Wick on Friday 8th December. I’m really looking forward to playing all night long with some big surprises in store. The TIMANTI and The Tribe/Tribelife parties I’ve held at Grow this year have been some of my best nights of 2017 (THANK YOU to everyone who’s been involved – these parties are so epic because of each of you coming together to create this beautiful community which has expanded way beyond the dance floor). If you’re reading this, you’re invited! Come down and celebrate life with your tribe. It’s a free party and will be my last show in the UK before heading off to play my debut gig in Kenya, Africa at the Kilifi New Year, which I’m super excited about!

Finally, can you recommend an album or a musician or a visual artist you’ve discovered this year?

There are so many so I’m going to pick one of each! Album: Dhafer Youssef – Divine Shadows [2006] a spiritual infusion of Arabic, Jazz and Electronica, huge thanks to Rob Simpson for introducing me to this album when I was in Sweden!

Musician: I already knew about him prior to this year but Laolu has once again blown my mind with his remix of XOA – Diaspora! Watch out for this future star! Also O’Flynn! I’ve been supporting his records on my shows on Pyro & Radar Radio, another one to keep your eyes on.

Visual artist: Again not a new discovery but he’s part of the Tribelife family and continues to impress me with his expanding talents and skills – Bless Elska. Such a blessing to have him on the team… He’ll be joining me at Grow on 8th December for the final dance of 2017.


TIMANTI performs African Debut in Kenya – Kilifi New Years

Kilifi New Year is a radically creative, three day explosion of music, arts and tropical coast culture set in the magical Kenyan coastal town of Kilifi. Incredible performers from around Africa and the world will come together to put on a unique, technicolour show as we celebrate the intersection between African and World electronic music. You can expect an unforgettable few days packed with the most exhilarating vibes the continent has to offer.
Kilifi’s white sand beaches, turquoise reef, emerald creek, and pristine old grown forests have attracted a fast growing community of ethically minded people from artists to eco-builders, ethical fashion designers to dreamers, poets and travellers – all in a peaceful partnership with a lovely local community. Every New Year, we transform this beautiful location into the venue for the most pristine, wild and intimate New Year party in the region.
The line-up is shaping up to be truly incredible so watch this space for upcoming artist announcements! We’re biting our lips to hold back from already sharing the big headliners… With music from over four continents, including Africa of-course, we’ve managed to keep audiences jamming and feeling good for days into the New Year.


Catch TIMANTI on the main stage with special live exclusive PA w/ Afrika of their track ‘Kutoka Mungu’

For tickets & more info visit:

Check out Last Year’s video

Kilifi New Year


Tribelife – The Final Dance of 2017

Tribelife grow final dance 2017

2017 has been an incredible year for our TIMANTI and the Tribe Events – Our Tribe has evolved into a community that has expanded way beyond the dancefloor and given birth to a new project – TRIBELIFE. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the journey! ♥

Wow, Friday night was pretty special, immense energy & beautiful vibes! So much love to each and every one of you! Thank You All For An Incredible Final Dance of 2017 <3
Special thanks to Harry Parvin for capturing the magic 

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We have some very exciting collaborations coming up in 2018 including festival curations in the Sahara & Beyond…

LINEUP from 08.12.17



Afrika Simpson Presents The Musafir
She will be talking about some of the learnings she has acquired while living as part of a community building and now sailing The Musafir, an old Swahili boat called a ‘Dhow’ on the East Coast of Afrika in Kenya.

Alex Manzi Presents The Dreamers Disease
Alex is the host of Dreamer’s Disease Podcast and budding Lifestyle Entrepreneur with a passion for helping others to improve their life both day-to-day and through pursuing their dreams and passions. The podcast hears the stories of inspirational people with an aim to gain some knowledge and insight to implement into our own lives.

Steffie Timanti Presents Tribelife
Steffie will be discussing Tribelife projects in 2018 which include hosting a party in the Sahara Desert at Beyond Sahara, other collaborations and the ethos behind the community which has expanded way beyond the dance floor!

TIMANTI [Extended Set]


Bless Elska – LIVE VISUALS

8PM – 4AM

At our last years Xmas party we collected money to feed the less fournate over the winter period and some of the tribe cooked up a meal that we served to over 150 people with Refugee Community Kitchen We will have a donations bucket again this year – Thank You to everyone who contributes to helping change the world with small acts of kindness ♥

to join the tribe / request to join the secret fb community & be the first hear about everything TribeLife

Event Page Here

Join the tribe for a journey of Nomadic electronic dance frequencies across space and time.

☮ ♡ ☮

Join Us
Tribelife : TribeLife

TIMANTI on Radar Radio

TIMANTI joins Radar Radio

Listen back here

Radar Radio

Radar Radio Debut Show


TRIBELIFE – The Way of Life

Find Your Tribe – Love Them Hard!  Tribal Culture is among us…Our parties this summer have grown from strength to strength with some very exciting news & projects coming this winter: Join the Tribe here

Tribelife 2

Timanti and the Tribe Timanti and the Tribe Love



Tribelife 2017




Secret Garden Party 2017

Festivals 2017 – Summer of Love

Big love to everyone who has collaborated with me / invited me to grace the decks at their parties /checked out my radio show / woken up at the crack of dawn or stayed up all night to dance with me… so much love for each and everyone of you for the continued love & support! Looking forward to Autumn / Winter and sharing some exciting new projects soon sign up to my mailing list here:

Roma May 2017 Under my Feet

TIMANTI – Italy Tour – From Darkness to Light


Colours Of Love Calabria 2017


Protected: Edward James : Surrealist Castle – Las Pozas

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TATT Secret Warehouse Parties

Timanti and the Tribe – Secret Warehouse Parties

5am, Inside the pirate ship with the Luna Tribe and Bless Elska at TIMANTI and the Tribe secret warehouse show.

Join our mailing list for secret warehouse parties, mind expanding talks and more: Got ideas?  Have something to offer/ contribute to the tribe? We would love to hear from you, feel free to get in touch!

Email us at with the following information:

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TIMANTI and the Tribe – One Love Party [First Birthday] 24.02.17

OneLoveParty TATT

Tribe Life Showcase / Timanti and The Tribe 1st Birthday ♥

A Note from TIMANTI:

‘Following on from a historical start to the year in Oakland, CA we are very pleased to announce the first TribeLife release at the next party! Our Party turns 1 at the One Love party at our beautiful, original home, Grow, Hackney. Come celebrate with us, looking forward to celebrating with some of our nearest & Dearest! We will also be launching a new networking concept ‘Tribelife Talks’ before the party which will include interactive talks and encourage project collaborations.’ – TIMANTI

Join us for a very special party celebrating Our first Birthday and a new chapter of life, love, music, magic and art.

10PM – 4AM – DJS

19:45 – The Calchemist Presents; Human Intelligence
20:15 – Wet Sounds Presents – Music Underwater
20:45 – Under My Feet. Presents – Overcoming diversity through Art’
21:30 – Tribelife Volume 1 – First Play
22:00 – 23:30    JACKSON BLUMENTHAL
23:30 – 01:00    DIEGHO
01:00 – 02:00    TIMANTI
02:00 – 03:00    TAYLOR B2B TIMANTI
03:00 – 04:00    TAYLOR



Listen → Incoming

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One Love Party Selectors

After movie coming soon!

Join the Tribe:


Listen To TIMANTI Monthly Radio Shows on Pyro Radio Here:

Previous Shows:
December: Thursday 1st 2016 w/ Zeké Africa
January: Thursday 5th 2017 w/ Alec Falconer [Nixwax]
February: Thursday 2nd 5-7pm w/ Diegho
March: Thursday 2nd 5-7pm w/ Jackson Blumenthal
April: Thursday 6th 5-7pm w/ Taylor 
May: Thursday 4th 5-7pm w/ Voicedrone
June: Thursday 1st 5-7pm w/ Dustin
July: Thursday 6th 5-7pm w Ireen Amnes
August: Thursday 3rd 5-7pm w/ Violent Blondes
October: Thursday 5th 5-7pm w/ Jett
November: Thursday 16th 5-7pm w/ Faux Naif
The Future is Female


The Future Is Female
‘As The tribe continues to grow…we were super excited to be extending our family into the Bay Area. On a personal note I was very happy kick of the second year of parties & be reunited with my island sisters Freddie Fiers. & Milou for this very special event which cosmically fell on the same day of the historic women’s march after naming it this over a month before!   Music brought us together on a tiny magical island in Mediterranean Sea, I would have never dreamed 6months later we’d all be together again creating magic half way across the world!  Thank you to all the beautiful souls that were a part of the magic’ – TIMANTI

TANT Square

TIMANTI and the Tribe – Tribal Unity Awareness


For our fourth and final instalment of 2016 we have not only decided to throw a party with a purpose but also will be helping raise the vibrations of the planet by raising awareness for the destruction of our planets lungs, the Amazon Rainforest / the pollution of our waters, Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock and will also be collecting optional donations to help feed the homeless this winter!

Awareness Talks starting from 8PM


Tess Lotter from Green Peace will talk about the state of our planet and climate change, the cause and effects, and what we can do about:
Live Tribal Dance / Opening Ceremony at 9PM with the Urban Shamans Movement
DJs from 10PM

TIMANTI welcomes some of the best selectors and performers to unite and create a special party filled with love and magical vibes.



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Guest list Free Entry [click attending to be added]
[Optional Donations Encouraged]
[We recommend arriving early as venue is intimate]


Bless Elska Visuals

✧ THE LUNA TRIBE – Face & Body Art

✧ LIVE TRIBAL DANCE w/ Urban Shamans Movement


Address: 58 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XB
Closest Stations:
Dalston Kingsland Station [6min walk]
Dalston Junction Station [8min walk]

Dress: Good Vibes Only (Tribal attire welcome)

Come and join the tribe for a journey of Nomadic electronic dance frequencies across space and time.

☮ ♡ ☮

Join Us : Timanti and The Tribe
Tribelife: Templr

A Note from TIMANTI:

‘As The tribe continues to grow…The most amazing part of creating this project has been the emergence and nurturing of new projects that have sprouted from the platform of creativity that we have collectively created. It’s been an absolute privilege to work with and encourage so many flourishing creatives not only on the music front but across all spectrums of the arts. I’m really excited to showcase, bring together and introduce more at this next event including – awareness Talks from Greenpeace and live tribal dance from Urban Shamans Movement  Much love for all the continued support and to everyone involved in making this event possible’ – TIMANTI


To join TIM∆NTI and the Tribe secret parties. Email to join the mailing list

PS if you feel you have something to offer / help the event please get in touch.


TIMANTI – Intergalactic Blackness

‘A Journey through the space in between the light’ – Intergalactic Blackness

Recorded Live in one take… featuring the World Exclusive unveiling of my new, unsigned & unheard track ‘La Donna’

Mixtape Story:

This mixtape features some of my favourite dance floor tracks of the moment from some of my favourite producers & labels including Vitalik Recordings, Ejeca, Ricardo Villalobos, Culoe De Song, Danny Daze & More … Big Ups for all the great music guys!!!

Thank you for stopping by & listening to my music, and everyone for your support…especially my mum (la Donna) & all the amazing friends & family I have around me & all the new supporters riding this big wave of life <3

Feedback, Shares & Comments appreciated as always <3

For latest News / Gigs Visit:


TIMANTI - City Of Gods EP

TEMP001 – TIMANTI – City of Gods EP

TIMANTI – City of Gods EP [Templr]

Release Date 15.07.16

City of Gods EP is the primal release on TIMANTI’s new imprint TEMPLR. A concept piece based on the lost city of Atlantis and human history of our planet. Crafted with ethereal beauty, City Of Gods transports the dance floor into a explosive frenzy when it reveals it’s melodic and captivating bass line. Home reflects a more emotive side, still grooving the dance floor with it’s rhythmic drums, hypnotic strings and rich bass frequencies.

Stream / Download –




XLR8R Premiere: New Ethereal Track From TIMANTI

In the wake of her breakout “Don’t U” single, Steffie Timanti has had her sights set firmly on the dancefloor. With a lengthy series of sets planned for Berlin, Dubai, and her London hometown, in addition to a TIMANTI and The Tribe Ibiza residency, the DJ-producer undeniably has her work on the decks cut out for her. With the recent launch of her TEMPLR imprint and a forthcoming EP on the way, Timanti has also been amping up her hours in the studio. Entitled City of Gods, Steffie’s new EP is exploratory and lighthearted. “Home,” the closing cut, channels an innate sense of rhythm to give Timanti’s house sensibilities an organic hue. See here 

Traxsource Live

Traxsource LIVE! #75 with TIMANTI

TIMANTI brings her deliciously deep, tech-infused goodness to Traxsource LIVE! this week, blending the bouncing beats of Butch, Damian Lazarus, Ashworth and Kerri Chandler alongside ‘City of Gods’, the debut release on her own new label Templr, available now from Traxsource.

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