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TIMANTI – Intergalactic Blackness

‘A Journey through the space in between the light’ – Intergalactic Blackness Recorded Live in one take… featuring the World Exclusive unveiling of my new, unsigned & unheard track ‘La Donna’ Mixtape Story: This mixtape features some of my favourite dance floor tracks of the moment from some of my favourite producers & labels including […]

A Journey To the Brightest Dark Place

A Journey To The Brightest Dark Place

Are you ready to come with me on a journey to the brightest dark place? Recorded Live in one take… featuring some of my new & unsigned & unheard material! Mixtape Story: ‘The darkest nights produce the brightest stars’ I approach creating mixtapes very differently to club sets usually they reflect emotions I am experiencing […]

Nisse Nilson Square

Nils Diezel [Artist Mini Mix 004]

Templr Presents Nils Diezel [Artist Mini Mix 004] Who? 21year old, Frankfurt based, Nils Diezel formally know as Nisse Nilson has been making tunes for the past 5years. Racked up a release on Nixwax & a bunch of free downloads on his soundcloud page with Upcoming releases on Liverpool based Label Nasty Funk Recordings. Nils is […]



Templr Presents Millionhands [Label Mini Mix 003] Who? MILLIONHANDS creates limited edition clothing – often in collaboration with record labels and recording artists.  The label was Launched back in 2009, in Berlin. MILLIONHANDS started with the simple idea: “make some cool stuff, with some cool people.”  ‘At the time I was making and playing music, and […]

Ibiza Club News

Ibiza Club News ICN Introducing 15 – Timanti (Nixwax)


Redstripe, Sun, CDs & a Mixer MIXTAPE

London is beautiful when the sun is shining… This week I have spend a few evenings in great company with a Redstripe, some Sun & these tunes… Hope you enjoy the way I have spun them into a mixtape, that you can download to put on your ipod if you fire over your email address. […]