The World Has Lost Its Way

Poem – I Wrote about the London 2012 Riots

The world has lost its way.

My mind is tough built solid like an iron
give me a beat, ill tear it up like a lion
if bob was here he’d march us straight out to zion
disturbance in the peace, government bite on.
I’m 23 now, will i live to see 24? 
The way things are going i dont know. (Tupac)
The youth feel threatened there surround by fear.
If you took time to listen, maybe u’d shead a tear
These people need      our help, their helplessly crying.
Their homes are burning down & we watching them dying.
End of the world, 2012? If the youth lost Now
its the end of our world.
Kids if your listening, don’t do your city in.
Theres is time to change, be the one you always wished you bin
Channel your negativity into the positive 
Coz when you fly high, they never clip your wings.   
Technology has deluded the nation
& in doing that we’ve lost a generation
tapping on the key pad, tapping on the phone
Cowards & copycats running wild with hoods & bats
smashing up the place will lead you down & thats a fact.
get off the streets or the streets will avenge you 
vigilante rising and they will show you how big men do.
You play with fire chanting this is fun.
A game to you that you think has been won
but you alone are afraid of the sun
creeping in the shadows like spineless one.
Your just a child vulnerable to the world,
loss of hope leaves nothing but an empty shell.
solitude & anger, 
You are not alive to live 
you just simply exist.
The world has lost its way.
Steffie – Aug 2011

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