TIMANTI – The Artist

TIMANTI is an Artist, DJ and Producer working in the UK and internationally.

With origins linking back to Italian shores, nomadic artist TIMANTI has spent time refining their own style into one that weaves a tapestry of organic and electronic sounds and collaborations drawn from their lived experience in Northern Italy, Southern Africa, Indigenous Australia, and Mexico.  Fluid and liberated from genre limitation, TIMANTI’s sonic alchemy transports listeners on an ethereal healing journey widening the boundaries of perception. Each performance is site-specific traversing across ambient rhythms to more club heavier styles shaped by environment and context.

As the founder of Tribelife – A collaborative community project for Inspired Dreamers to explore The Arts, Adventure and Fulfilled Conversation, TIMANTI and the Tribe are pushing the boundaries of nightlife as we know it. The community facilitates and nurtures various art projects, providing a supportive network for young, pioneering creatives from all corners of the globe.

A multi-disciplinary artist, they recently showcased their first film ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.’ at Every Woman Biennial, pushing and exploring gender binaries. They often collaborate across disciplines working with artists, filmmakers, and choreographers, long term collaborators include Mikey Boats, Maxime de Sadeleer, Camille Alyssa & Visual artist Bless Elska.

TIMANTI’s releases on Aluku Records have been championed by Kintar at Hii Ibiza, Radio 1’s Pete Tong, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Black Coffee, Sobek, Themba’s ‘Herd In Miami’ Compilation, Additionally, they’ve continued support from up and coming Radio 1’s Jaguar, Dummy Mags Top 10 emerging artists and

subsequently was invited to be a part of the Future 1000 initiative and Jaguar’s Utopia Talks on life as sober DJs.

Their conceptual release ‘La Donna’, honouring the divine feminine and celebrating the life of Frida Khalo came out on Sasha’s imprint LNOE [Last Night On Earth].  Their most recent

release explores the more spiritual realms by collaborating with highly respected monk Father Seraphim
Bit-Kharibi .

TIMANTI’s mission is to bring people on a journey through sound and art to create emotive & immersive experiences.

‘I have come to realise that the only thing consistent in life IS CHANGE… I am constantly evolving and growing, something I strongly believe should be supported and celebrated in every industry / human being. By creating my own night and label it gives me the freedom to express this and also showcase and support other artists I believe in, that are not only great musicians and DJs but something more, they are VIBE CREATORS!’ – TIMANTI (2016)x