Event Review: Monster Raving Kigu Party

Date: Saturday, 29th October, 2011 

Location: Secret Warehouse Location

Kigu’s are lightweight Japanese animal suits that have become the uniform to a unique society of party goers here in the UK. They are popular at festivals, as fancy dress costumes & even as pyjamas! Not only are the suits one of the most daring streetwear brands but also competitive at an affordable price. Kigu is the first company to bring this amazing product out of Asia into the European market… and along with that comes a bunch of fun!

This summer I purchased my Panda Kigu which introduced me to an entire army of Kigu wearers at Bestival!  Not only is a Kigu a conversation starter but also it’s wearers have one thing in common…They are ALL Up for a good time!  

The Monster Raving Halloween Party was my first encounter with such a large amount of Kigu wearers. At hundreds strong, it felt more like being part of a herd than being at a party. All stops where pulled out on the production side, including incredible floor-to-ceiling projections, lazers, photo shoot areas and a Spook Yourself Zone which gave the place the ultimate festival feel.  Drinks were ridiculously cheap at £2.50 a pop and when the party was in full swing, Kigu’s where rolled down to bare hot bodies and sweaty skin!  

The DJ line-up consisted of some of the best up-and-coming talent, playing an electic mix of dance music and kept the crowd entertained with interactive games all night! Raffle Mafia dropped one of the most fun sets I’ve heard in a long time.

Another highlight was the effort and extent of customization people went to to make their suit personal. Kigu hold the trophy for the best Halloween party I have ever been too!

Photography: Accredited to Kigu 

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