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A five part audio/visual series, exploring the 5 elements that make up the universe and our own existence – Ether | Earth | Water | Air | Fire. Curated by TribeLife’s founder TIMANTI & visual artist Bless Elska. They will visually and sonically interpret one element at each event. Launching the series with Part I […]


Installation and Art Direction for Tribelife Events Tribelife is an experimental collaborative project for Inspired Dreamers to explore The Arts, Adventure and Fulfilled Conversation. Focusing on original eco – conscious experiences and alternative lifestyle techniques.  Awaken your senses; dive deeper into your consciousness; co-create unique memories with freethinking global explorers. TRIBELIFE is a nurturing community that […]

I am Native

[Student Brief] I Am Native Ayurvedic granola was designed for forward thinking creatives with a busy lifestyle. The concept infuses the 5,000+ year old, Indian practice of Ayuverda – the holistic science of health – to help individuals maintain optimum energy levels for their body types.The Native App is used to discover which product best […]

Create your own path

    [Student Brief] Advertorial campaign to change the perception of Micro Scooters. The concept of a time trail race was created in collaboration with Nike to align the brand with a more fitness orientated target audience. The race requires the ‘Blaze the trail’ app to scan check points starting at the Nike store, Oxford […]

Uncharted Explortation

[Student Brief] A nautical adventure film festival at Manchester’s open air cinema, Screenfields. All films at the festival keep with the theme of survival of the fittest and exploration of the unknown. ‘Life will defend itself no matter how small it is.’ – Yann Martel – Life of Pi Toolkit: Adobe Suite Body of work: […]

The Botanist

[Student Brief] Branding project for an urban garden centre. Focusing on the scientific aspects of plant life, the concept of ‘The Botanist’ allows members to discover the secret life of plants and enter in a unique experience unlike any other. The Botanist Club members can learn to build their own eco systems or unwind in […]

Great Expectations

[Student Brief] True love tangled in a web of manipulation, hatred and rejection. The coming of age novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, was modernised into a screenplay in 1988. Twisted patterns were projected onto the nude female form to represent a web of passion, desire and infatuation for the limited edition vinyl pressing of […]

Adventure of the senses

Luna Land, company profile annual report. Showcasing the adventure park’s assets and honing in on the brand’s culture of passion and love for what they do. Toolkit: Adobe Suite Body of work: Concept creation Typeface creation Editorial design  

Motion Graphics Visuals

A post shared by TIMANTI (@steffietimanti) on May 10, 2018 at 4:35am PDT Video 1: Acid Trip Motion Graphics based on mind bending effects that can happen in altered states of consciousness. Video 2: Saburu Warriors The cube in the second video is made up of African Saburu warrior heads to signify strength in unity. […]

Steffie Timanti

Steffie Timanti