A Journey To the Brightest Dark Place

A Journey To The Brightest Dark Place

Are you ready to come with me on a journey to the brightest dark place?

Recorded Live in one take… featuring some of my new & unsigned & unheard material!

Mixtape Story:

‘The darkest nights produce the brightest stars’

I approach creating mixtapes very differently to club sets usually they reflect emotions I am experiencing at the time of putting them together and very personal to me. I like to look at them as a small window to my soul. Without practice with no cheats or edits this is the realist on the fly mixing you can get!

Thank you for stopping by & listening to my music, and everyone for your support…especially Hannah Wants for the recent support, all the amazing friends & family I have around me & all the new supporters riding this big wave of life <3

Feedback, Shares & Comments appreciated as always <3

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